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Beijing IParagon is a technology law law firm in China providing expert IP/technology, antitrust and comprehensive legal services to sophisticated clients across industries, in the challenging areas of anti-trust for high-tech sector and anti-trust litigation; intellectual property and IP litigation; technology law, bio-tech, life science, agriculture law and green-tech; corporate law, in particular IP assets driven FDIs and M&As, IPOs for strong brand owners and technology companies; commercial law, international trade and international expansion; start-up strategic consulting; entertainment law; sports law; hospitality industry, foods law and wine law.

Although IParagon is headquartered in Beijing, it is founded upon an international vision and holds itself to the highest international law firm management and ethical standards. IParagon has set up and is preparing to set up branch offices in Hong Kong and US.

In addition, here at IParagon, we take pride in both our top-notch legal skills as well as the high-integrity of each and every one of our team members.

We value and motivate talented lawyers who also exhibit strong leadership skills. IParagon and IParagon lawyers have a strong desire to help improve not only our small legal community but also the bigger world.

Furthermore, IParagon encourages a transparent, friendly, fair, motivated firm culture and balanced lifestyle. As such, we will not hesitate to provide opportunities to talented lawyers who value and need support for family responsibilities. It is important to us that our IParagon lawyers retain healthy and happy souls even after 10 or 20 years of legal practice.

IParagon and IParagon lawyers practice law with high professionalism and desires to improve a better world. We welcome clients across industries, who also believe their technologies, products and services may help making a better world.