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Gabriella Liu

Chief Partner
Tel: (86 10) 6533 0055
Fax: (86 10) 6533 0590
Email: contact@iparagonlaw.com

Ms. Gabriella Liu has a rich domestic and international legal and cultural background. She grew up in China and received legal education in China and in North America. Since the 1990’s, she has been passionate about and committed to practicing intellectual property and technology law.

Ms. Liu practiced IP and China Law in Hong Kong for 15 years. She has studied, worked, and lived in Silicon Valley for the past 10 years, and she has also worked on China’s IP legal frontier in Beijing and Shenzhen for many years.

After graduating from a Chinese law school and gaining private practice and in-house experience with leading international and Hong Kong law firms and multinational corporations, she became an equity partner with a top PRC firm from her home land. Seven years ago, she became the founder and chief partner of a Chinese technology law firm, Beijing IParagon Law Firm.

Ms. Liu and IParagon represent and serve international and Chinese companies with large IP portfolios or technology assets to help them penetrate into and increase their business in China. IParagon also works with clients to expand outside China. Ms. Liu and IParagon bring strategic and long-term vision to all their client work.

IParagon has presences in Beijing, Hong Kong, London, and Silicon Valley. Core practice areas are IP, technology law, IP litigation, antitrust in high-tech sectors, international trade of technology, and U.S.-China cross-border tech start-up strategies. Ms. Liu’s IP and technology law practice has evolved alongside the development and reforms of China’s IP law and IP protection prior to China’s joining of the WTO. With her deep understanding of China IP law, Ms. Liu has helped numerous clients win or resolve significant cases in China, including a landmark case that was covered by CCTV as an example of China’s IP protection for multinational companies.

For over a decade and at every opportunity, Ms. Liu has made it a priority as well to “give back” to the Chinese legal community. She commits her time and energies to mentoring and sharing her experiences with young law students and legal professionals, especially young female law students and attorneys. Her hope is to encourage and support them to become positive, happy, and successful in their careers. ”